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The FIRST STEP is a registered Society by Govt.of.Andhra Pradesh in India, under a society (registration Act XXXV of 2001) which was initiated in the year 2009 as an innovative parternership between Govt. and Civil Society has been incorporated with the aim to facilitate the enhancement of knowledge. Whatever the need FIRST STEP facilitates it all. It does so by constantly providing high quality learning aides and information resources with total commitment to training.


The need for giving emphasis on the Skill Development, especially for the less educated, poor and out of school youth has been highlighted in various forums. The skill level and educational attainment of the work force determines the productivity, income levels as well as the adaptability of the working class in changing environment. Large percentage of population in India is living below poverty line. One of the important causes is lower percentage of skilled persons in the workforce.


The training methods to be used should be appropriate to the development of competencies. The focus of the programme is on “performing” and not on “Knowing”. Lecturing will be restricted to the minimum necessary and emphasis to be given for "hands on training”. The training methods will be individual centered to make each person a competent one. Opportunities for individual work will be provided. The learning process will be continuously monitored and feedback will be provided on individual basis. Demonstrations using different models, audio visual aids and equipment will be used intensively.